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Investment Workshop November 14 via Zoom

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Pushing this announcement up.

Everyone is welcome! Register here. Just by observing how Dan Otter, Scott Dauenhauer, Barbara Healy, (first pic below) the United Teachers Los Angeles Union Pre-Retirement Issues Committee Chair, Leonard Goldberg (2nd pic) and former Chair, Dr. Sandy Keaton, put on a financial literacy show that cannot be beat. You can beg, borrow or steal the excellent content presented and use it at your school or district. Dr. Sandy Keaton has been coordinating these workshops twice a year for Los Angeles teachers for over a decade. She is first on the agenda at 8:00 am Pacific time today. 

DanScottBarb.pngLeonard Goldberg.jpg

Dr. Sandy Keaton.png

Valuable and FREE resources: When COVID is behind us, Dan and Scott are available to go anywhere in the country to provide a workshop for your teachers. If you are a professor at a college or university teaching future teachers, they are especially interested in providing future teachers the financial information they need long before the vultures come into their classroom trying to sell those despicable high cost 403(b) annuities.

Tim Ranzetta has been mentioned before on this forum. But for new teachers here and are also interested in teaching your students financial literacy, get to know Tim and his incredible website, Next Gen Personal Finance Discovery. All of his thousands upon thousands of video clips, lesson plans, stock market games, excel spreadsheets, presentations and financial workshops on every conceivable financial topic are FREE. 

My friends and I have been taking these FREE certification courses: https://www.ngpf.org/certification-course/ 

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