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Starting a better late than never 403b...or 403bROTH?

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So I'm going to keep a mix of Traditional and Roth, but will likely allocate more towards Roth than Trad.

The last thing I need to figure out my allocations.

The tIRA I am moving is to Vanguard (from Edward Jones). It has about 35k and I haven't touched it in over 8 years, SADLY. It's been in all stocks. It will be the first thing I withdraw from when I'm 59.5. I calculate that as a supplement to my Pension each month, after tax, that it will last me 7-10 years barring any surprises. I want to keep the tIRA moderate at the most so I want to make it more balanced. 

The 403b Roth would supplement my pension when I'm closer to 70 so it would compound for 20 years. I'm hoping I don't even need to touch it and pass it on to my 2 kids. 

The following is my thoughts on where to allocate my investments...

tIRA- VBIAX ( Balanced Fund) it has only 0.7% and has performed well over the years. I believe it is passive. OR Target Date Fund 2030, but fees are a little higher. I think it is active.

The 403b- This is where I'm a little unsure. Possibly a 2 or 3 fund Portfolio? Or is there a mutual fund that would be just as good?

While I am learning a lot about Investments, I am not assuredly confident that I can manage my own investments. That's kinda scary! I will admit I am natually risk averse, but if something happens to an investment, I would leave it alone knowing that it will eventually go up.

I just want to be smart as I am getting close to retirement. I'm no longer in my 20's! Haha


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I like Balance Index and its ER is 0.07%. It's 60% Total Stock Mkt and 40% Total Bonds, or their equivalents. It has returned at least 10% over the last 1, 3, 5 and 10 years, and 16.4% in 2020. It doesn't have any international stock and if you wanted to be more diversified, you could add some Total International Stock Index. I also have some International Growth which helps out with the TISI's poor return. TISI has, in the past, sometimes done better than TSM. Vanguard's TDFs are all passive and do have international stocks and bonds.  


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