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Is calstrs contribution subtracting from AGI?

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Hi, I’m trying to control  my AGI to maximize the boosted child tax credits and dependent care credits for 2021.  Does anyone know of my calstrs contributions (10.25%) is subtracted from my AGI?  In other words, if my spouse and I earn 200k and 20k goes directly to calstrs contributions and we max our 403bs, one  457, And HSA, can I get under The 125k phase out threshold for the dependent care credit? 

200-20k calstrs-19.5 403b- 19.5 403b -19.5k 457 - 5k DCFSA, -3.5k HSA = 113k.  Does this sound correct? 


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If your 403b and 457b are Traditional (i.e. not Roth) then it will reduce your taxable income. I can't speak directly to how the dependent care credit includes (or doesn't include) that deduction in it's income limit.

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